Every Day an Adventure

Shortly I will leave for Manchester, NH.  When I arrive I start some intensive work with the Dean of the Grove of the Golden Leaves. I’ve been a member for about 18 years and known the Dean far longer than that through our participation in the old Pagan and Occult Discussion (PODs) network during the days of FIDO as well as our participation in Crone Thread.

In Alaska, I was a Wiccan High Priestess. By the time I got to the Grove I was no longer interested in following a Clergy path and somewhere along the line I torched my Universal Life (or whatever it was) ministerial credentials. I served in other ways, finally undertaking to become a Brehon – a specialist in Irish law as it relates to the Grove.

Now I’m looking at moving to the West coast so I need retraining. A Brehon isn’t the person to establish a new Grove. It means a quick and intense trip back into clergy mode. Oh, joy. That being said, we’ll now have at least one left coast member of the Druidic Association of North America (DANA).

My journey today is more than miles; it can also be measured in centuries to the 5th Century in Ireland and digging through sources such as the Carmina Gaedelica to unwind the Christian from the pre-Christian.  Rather than studying legality I’ll be studying cosmology and history. Well, I do enjoy learning new things. That’s a plus.


Manannán mac Lir, maybe he can open the gates to my memory…


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