The Patron Saint of…

Today’s prompt is:  A True Saint – In 300 years, if you were to be named the patron saint of X, what would you like X to be? Places, activities, objects — all are fair game.

I’ve had people call me an angel, but never a saint – for good reason.  An angel is generally seen as a spiritual entity (or a human equivalent) who is benevolent, protective, and a guide for others.

A saint is usually someone who is perceived of as having an exceptional degree of holiness – which ain’t this Toad. However, saints can also be seen as exemplary models, intercessors, wonder workers, those who live lives of intentional privation, or in some way connected to that which is holy. None of those are me, either, I assure you. That leaves the last definition –  extraordinary teacher – and maybe we’re getting someplace here.

If I’m a saint 300 years from now it would be as someone who has made the path clear for others. Someone who has broken down the complex into the easily understandable. Someone with almost infinite patience – well, most of the time – with people who desperately want to learn something I have knowledge of. Someone who helped others explore a wide variety of topics.

Usually, this involves academics and learning how to identify issues and provide cogent and accurate responses. I know, boring. Sitting there and tutoring someone, or explaining how to word a response to an evaluation.

St. Toad of the Alcan Holy Card

However, sometimes St. Toad is full of information to impart on things such as: Driving the Alaska-Canadian (Alcan) Highway during the winter is like driving a 4 lane roadway because of the exceptional grading done on it as the road winds through Canada. I’d be sure to add having a winch on your 4-wheeler just in case. And making sure you have emergency supplies in the car. And today, I’d probably recommend a sat-phone for the wild parts with nothing and no one around rather than a CB radio. I’m not sure a cell phone would be of much use in some remote parts.

Of course, 300 years from now they may have teleportation stations and then St. Toad would be known as she of arcane trivia and useless tidbits.


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