Seems there is so much loss in life. The loss of the safety and comfort of the womb. The loss of those wide-eyed years of childhood. The loss of…I sorta wonder sometimes if it is a loss or a jumping off point. Birth leads to early childhood, which leads to all those developmental markers all the way through to death.

I’ve written before about thinking I lost my Mom when we drove to Idaho from North Dakota. But I didn’t. She was just further away than I felt comfortable with. Not really. And I did leave my grandparents, aunt, uncles, and cousins behind, but they were not lost, merely a lot further away than I was used to.

I could talk about losing North Dakota or gaining Idaho. Losing Idaho or gaining Alaska. Losing Alaska or…nah, I don’t think I gained Massachusetts.  Okay, analogies only go so far. Perhaps instead of loss, however, these are stepping stones to something different.

This is part of the writing 101 program – serial killer 3 part writing program.


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I breathe, drive, take photographs, and write - not necessarily in that order.
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