We’ll go for a walk, she said.

Sorting, packing, donating, throwing out. Seems to take forever. Walking has been  neglected. The wee little doggie misses her twice a day constitutionals – as do I.

Another morning spent in the usual occupations. I keep thinking I’m almost done and then realize there’s still more. After four hours of work in the trenches I got my nails done, trimming them to near sports nail length to keep from losing one or two from all the activity.

Picked up takeout. Told the little doggie we’d go out for a walk as soon as I’d eaten.  Nature called, and while I was answering that call the little doggie helped herself to about a quarter of the dish. This surprised me as it was so hot I couldn’t eat it. Note to self: Dog has developed a cast-iron mouth and cannot be left alone with scalding hot food.

Having finished part of my portion of said food – somewhat cooler now – and stowed the leftovers in the fridge, I said, “Now, we’ll go for a walk!” She danced in joy.

The heavens opened. Fire dazzled the sky. Sound rocked the earth. Rain pelted the IMG_1466ground in near gully washer amounts. I pondered looking up Noah in the phone book. (You remember those things we used to have before the Internet? Big book with white and yellow pages?) We gave it a shot anyway.

“Um, maybe later,” she said. “I’d like to go in now, please. Honestly. The raincoat doesn’t keep my paws dry. And what about my tail? Didn’t you notice how wet it is? And my nose is wet. (sneezes) Hello? Hello? Is there anyone home who can let me in?”




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I breathe, drive, take photographs, and write - not necessarily in that order.
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