Salem, NH

The Toad was out and about today, running errands, and tracking down important things – like parts for the car rack.  On the way through that part of the world I picked up my friend, David, who had nothing better to do, and took him along. The wee little doggie loves him dearly so it’s a win-win for her as well – and him.

Lunch was ala Fuddruckers. I love the low-carb burger. Since the dog was along we needed a place to picnic. I gotta say that the websites for parks and rec for Salem, NH are not helpful. In the end, I found a place in what was once the center of town 10501319_10152142478402823_145062805_n(more or less) near a burial ground. Never have to worry about noisy neighbors there.

We found a bench and sat under the spreading trees. The wee little doggie lay quietly and even ignored the  men on loud riding lawnmowers. She’s progressed a lot.

Acquired information and had a great time, but didn’t actually accomplish a great deal. Saturday plans for the drive to Vermont are on hold as the parts for the rack are still missing in action.  Wonder if I am going to have to ask for my deposit back since they don’t seem to be able to come through with the goods.


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