Just the Once

I’ve only seen him there just the once. He was standing on the grassy verge on the northbound side of the road winding around The Common.2181F04E_zps62349431

I was half way through little dog’s constitutional when I saw him wearing a sign – black why large white printing:  Fitchberg Please.

As I rounded the corner I realized he was using a cane for the blind.

Two things occurred to me.  First, it’s pretty ballsy hitchhiking blind. Second, I bet the other side of the sign has different destination printed on it.

I’ve worked with the blind and deaf/blind, and I’m not keen on saving blind guys I don’t know.

Before I had to make a choice a soccer mom van made a u-turn and picked him up.

Wonder where he likes to ramble? Wonder how he decided to start depending on the kindness of strangers.?


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I breathe, drive, take photographs, and write - not necessarily in that order.
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