Vermont in the Summertime

Drove up to Stowe, Vermont yesterday. I hoped for some great road photos, but nada. However, Stowe makes up for that. There are nifty little shops (thanks to having no big IMG_2171box stores locally), walking and biking trails, and public art everywhere.

Photo from early this morning. Since it is art, I used iColorama to turn it into “art” rather than leaving it as a photo. No, I’m not sure what they call the cone quadruplets.

Started out on the 5 mile nature trail later in the day with the wee little doggie in tow. I never intended to do the entire 10 miles since it is warm and humid, but I thought we could get a couple of miles in.

About a quarter-mile in, as I’m taking photos of another piece of  public artwork, my cell phone starts ringing.

Why have a cell phone on a trail? It’s my camera as well as a phone and a zillion other things. I didn’t answer, but I listened to the message – and then called back. Explained I was on a hiking trail in Vermont and could not help. In a few minutes I felt a bit guilty for blowing him off, went back to the car, and in AC comfort made efforts to contact the party of the second part whom the party of the first part was looking for. (Like that old legalese?)

The dog was a bit overheated anyway so probably good that I headed back. Note to self: unload backpack and add bottled water and the silicone collapsible dog water bowl.

No AC where I am staying so I’m sitting by a window fan and drinking iced coffee whilst contemplating the fact that in today’s networked world there is almost nowhere you can’t be reached. This can be a good thing – in case of emergency – or a bad thing.


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