Art, Art, Everywhere Art

One nifty thing about Stowe is that it is littered with art. Really. Look at a flower bed and see little bits of porcelain poking out of the ground next to the blooms. I’m not sure of the reason for that. It is just an example of the outdoor art that seems to be everywhere. I didn’t photograph that one because I still don’t understand it and can’t present it well.

A river runs through it – the town and the hiking path, twisting and winding through the IMG_0053area. Lots of picturesque little bridges. Of course, I’ve always got the iPhone with me so I’ve always got a camera. Sometimes I use software apps to turn the photos into my own art.  For example, this partly fallen tree that has been edited with Snapseed and then iColorama. It is now about half photo and half painting.

Today we made it about a mile on the path – see it in the bottom left-hand corner of the photo. It wasn’t quite early enough in the day to avoid the heat so the little doggie got overheated and I decided to turn back early. Besides, this isn’t a marathon or a contest, it is for our enjoyment. Later in the day we walked in town. That was also cut short by a raindrop. I knew already big storms were on the way, so we hightailed it back and got here just in time.


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