It’s a Dog’s World

One of the things I love about Stowe, VT is its plethora of little shops. Reminds me of when IMG_2518I grew up and there were no such thing as chain stores or big box stores.

I was looking for a pet store and came across The Dog and Cat on Mountain Road. It looks like a tiny place, but it’s actually quite large for a “Mom and Pop” operation.  There is the center part and the two wings – probably areas where other stores once resided.

The owner is a guy with “shop dogs” who are with him at work – senior black labs (I think) who are often snoozing the day away. He knows his stock inside out, upside down, and backwards. There is nothing – let me repeat that – NOTHING – from China. The closest is a cheese and milk treat from Tibet. Not only that, it doesn’t have slick tile floors – it is carpeted. Above are handmade dog cookies topped with dog friendly icings like yogurt and peanut butter.

Since I’ve been going there McKinley has acquired a soft hemp collar that’s half the width IMG_2414of her old one and probably ten times more comfy. She’s got a stylish new walking vest I can manage with my aching hand and troubled arm – it’s got velcro closures. It is bright red with reflective tape on it which comes in handy for evening walks. And he helped me fit everything to her.  And yes, she really is that small so that she’s down there with the leaves near the ground.  This shot is to show her walking vest.

He’s got a ton of samples of things I’d never heard of before. We found out quickly that She’s a Princess. Most of them she won’t touch, but we’ve found a couple that are  freeze-dried raw foods by Stella & Chewey’s – both beef. I suppose I should be happy she likes the “cheap stuff” and not the venison or duck.

There’s another story on the way about more than just dog attire and food.  I’ll tell you right now that you’ll never get this experience at a big box animal store, no matter how public service oriented they are.  But that story will come later in the week.  🙂

Meanwhile, there was this Art Fair downtown tonight.  IMG_2527 2



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