Cyclists – You Know Who You Are

There are bicyclists all over Stowe.  And good on ’em for being so athletic and enjoying the summer. There’s just one thing. Pedestrians should be able to enjoy the summer as well without having to dash for the grass as the cyclists tear down sidewalks and over bridges going full tilt.

I note that the Canadians are polite (no surprise there, eh?), but the local kids come flying down the hill to the recreational trail so fast that if someone was really unable to get out of the way in time (think wheelchair, walker, etc.) someday someone is going to be badly injured.

I’m not sure my old bike back in the day (before 3 speeds or 10 speeds) could achieve those sorts of speeds.  Then again it was flat farmland – no hills.

Supposed to walk the bikes downtown – and again, the Canadians are great about doing IMG_2497that (Yea, Canada!) Many others ride two abreast full tilt and pedestrians scatter for the grass or curb.

I find myself dragging little doggie off the sidewalk and yelling at the riders who don’t pause in their peddling. It’s like I’m speaking Martian. Imagine two cyclists and one old lady with a small doggie on this little bridge. Yikes!

If I was quicker on the draw I’d whip out my trusty iPhone and video the miscreants and then show it to the local gendarmes, but by the time I could get it ready they’d be gone. And I’m not really willing to throw my body into peril to stop them.

So, slow down already!

Thank God Bikers are limited to the roadways.  And so far I’ve no issue with any of the biking clubs that have been through the area. Good people.


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