Who Needs International Travel When You Can Go to Stowe?

I admit that I’m somewhat mystified by some of the artwork on the streets of Stowe. I think I “get” some of it. Other things I can’t wrap my little pea brain around.

But when it comes to travel of the mind, there’s a place just off the Mountain Road that specializes in various art works for sale that can transport you just IMG_0109about anywhere you want to go. As long as you’re good with Steampunk, that is. 🙂

The small herd of giraffe make me smile. Somehow I missed taking a good shot of the elephant (you can barely see the trunk tip on the far left).

But you can also go mountain climbing with a blue-eyed goat IMG_0102that’s so cute I’d take it home if I could. If I had a home to take it to.

There are more, of course, perhaps I’ll have the Steampunk underwater feature another day.


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I breathe, drive, take photographs, and write - not necessarily in that order.
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