New York City

I did my best to find a way to skirt New York.  The Gods had other ideas.

A large piece of heavy equipment of approximately the size of a D9 (but not a D9) was smashed half to bits, obstructing traffic. I hope there was no one in it.

That was just one bit of fun.  It took me longer to get from 7 miles before the Tappan Zee Bridge to the New Jersey line than it did to travel from Stowe, Vermont to Chatham, Massachusetts and all the way to 7 miles before the Tappan Zee Bridge.

I’ve been around NYC before and I always do my utmost to avoid it. I prefer to slide around the edges. Not this time. Between the closed roads, the re-routing, the traffic accidents, the cars stalled in random lanes, and more – it was my own personal version of hell on earth.

My impressions are of grime, garbage everywhere, traffic so stalled than homeless people were wandering through (sometimes pounding on car windows) begging. Note:  NYC  – if Utah can resolve it’s homeless problem so can you.  Children on bicycles weaving through stalled traffic on Interstate 95 sort of completed the picture.

I know a lot of folks love the arts and other amenities there. For drivers used to more rural areas. Consider staying far, far, far away. Perhaps a few hundred miles to the west would be good.

The wee little doggie and I were fried to a crisp by the time we arrived in New Jersey. The part I am in at this point certainly deserves the name The Garden State.

In a half hour or so I will take the wee little doggie for another walk before we get back into the car for another leg of the trip south.  Because of the 6 hours wasted in the disaster area that goes for traffic in the NY area we are not going to make it to our destination today – which means another night at a motel somewhere along the way.

Sometimes I have no Internet access or very limited access.  So I am only posting when I’ve got time, energy, and Internet.  It may mean more postings per day with several days between.

The photos below was from the last stop before my descent into the Traffic Inferno. I thought the truck was neat.  Now I realize it was a warning of things to come.  Vehicles that can’t be driven.  At least this was off the road.



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