Lake Lure, North Carolina

Lake Lure is one of the jewels on my trip. It is where my brother and his wonderful wife reside. Blaine and I tend to have the same sort of commentary that spills from our mouths – it is a Cox family thing – and Veryle Lynn is a saint. One of their daughters was there and noted that the only difference between my brother and me is gender. 😀 That’s Cox commentary, folks.

I’m always impressed with their home built into the side of a steep embankment. It clings there with many external staircases that go from floor to floor and then down to the boat dock, zigging and zagging down. Usually Blaine takes me out for a boat ride, but it rained every single day so no ride this time.  Although others were out on the lake with their roofed pontoon boats – good for them.

My sister-in-law is a highly skilled artist. Another thing that strikes me whenever I visit is that it is like going to an art gallery inside a house. I have no idea quite how she manages to put all those colors and textures together and make it all work, but she does. It is really quite amazing. I wish I had that sort of talent.  I used to teach One Stroke painting.  Not the same, believe me.

My sister-in-law got involved with the Flowering Bridge project and helped with various plantings in old chairs. By the way, there is only one other flowering bridge in the US.

Here are some photos of the Flowering Bridge.

IMG_2779 IMG_2783

IMG_2769 IMG_2778


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