The Hazards of a Road Trip

Whilst doing one’s best to put on x number of miles each day to reach a goal one finds that most of the day is spent looking at asphalt.

Now and then I pass a sign and say, “Oh, Rutgers Law School!” and that’s the end of that. I’ve passed signs for all sorts of schools. Princeton is probably the most elite. Bob Jones University made me wonder if the taxpayers actually support the place with Pell Grants and student loans.

Largely, roads mostly look the same, toll booths are pretty much the same, and the insides of Motel 6’s are mostly the same; although I have become a connoisseur of Motel 6’s – I think this one is probably one of the best I’ve been at.  It is a contender for top place with the one in East Brunswick, New Jersey.

I have concluded that pretty much all rivers look the same from an overpass. So it doesn’t really matter what the name of it is or if it has been mentioned in a song – because it is just another waterway.  Not only that, there is nowhere to park even if I wanted to take a photo.

I have driven through various states since leaving the hell-hole of NYC: North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and now I’m in Alabama. Largely the parts I’m driving through on main roads pretty much look the same. The names of gas stations change and now and then some new eatery names pop up, but the forested areas around the roads could be photoshopped from one state to the other.

I get the feeling that if I wanted to really see the country I needed a big motor home and several months to poke along. And maybe a tour guide from each area.

Below:  It’s a river from North Carolina that looks like all the other rivers I’ve crossed.



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