Casa Grande Ruins

IMG_2950Once upon a time – in a galaxy far, far away – or in this case about 5,500 BCE Native Americans moved into what is now the Sonora Desert and set up housekeeping and crop raising.

These ruins are the remains of the culture, which petered out before the European invasion ever reached the area.

Preservation work includes construction of a freestanding roof and installation of drainage pipes to protect the ruin from the corrosive action of rain.

Various outbuildings accompany this four story tall abode made from the earth of the area.IMG_2965 Whether these were for storage or for other purposes such as ceremony can only be conjectured. This particular ruin appears to have a lot of cross-beam holes in it suggesting it was another multi-story unit and perhaps for housing.

Although the builders lived in the area for thousands of years, it was only about 300 CE that they began planting crops. Due to climate change they ended up watering using irrigation. As with all things, sooner or later, civilizations end.

IMG_2963Below are photos of some other built up areas. Many of the partial walls are well over my head.








The following are photos of the main structure which has been been best preserved.IMG_2958IMG_2959















If you are ever in the Casa Grande, Arizona area this is a fascinating place. Then again, I’m an ancient history fan.

Dog friendly outside as long as Rover is on a leash.

No dogs allowed in the information building except service dogs.

See what happens when I stop to smell the roses?  Besides bringing rain with me, that is?

For more information: National Park Service Ancient Sonoran People  Casa Grande Ruins National Monument was the first cultural and prehistoric site to be protected by the United States government. It was set aside in 1892 by President Benjamin Harrison.


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  1. Bobbie Taylor says:

    So glad you enjoyed the ruins! Great way to remember your milestone birthday.

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