New Mexico to Arizona

Dictated notes from today:

The really nice thing about rest areas off I-10 is that each of the picnic tables and IMG_2850 benches are enclosed in an attractive adobe style enclosure – in New Mexico – and a just as effective, but less attractive one in Arizona.  It can be hotter than hell outside; when you walk into the cool shade the temperature difference is amazing.IMG_2852

We have now added scorpion warnings to the dog exercise areas of the rest stops. O.O Since the wee little doggie has no idea what a scorpion is I’m doing double-time on lookout patrol.

I just crossed the Continental Divide at about 4,500 feet in elevation. I looked around and can’t figure out where the divide is. The Rocky Mountains I remember from Montana and Idaho must peter out before Arizona.

I burst out laughing when I passed a concrete Sioux Indian style teepee next to the road. Not useful in the heat of an Arizona summer.

Many of the areas I am passing through now have warnings of dust storms with instructions to pull off the road and onto the shoulder if visibility becomes zero.

Stopped near Arizona City, Arizona. Need to get the tires rotated. Got the car serviced this morning in Deming, New Mexico. May stay a day or two here in the very budget friendly Motel 6 so the wee little doggie and I can gear up for the last leg of the trip down into Baja.  After a few days on the road a couple days of rest seems to help.  I have another few things to attend to as well – including Mexican car insurance.



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