The Little Chapel in the North Wing

At the signing of the lease for the house my landlady inquired of her husband as to whether I’d been told of the history of the house. I had not, so she proceeded to provide a short history.

The original owner was a very religiously devoted man and he added onto the home by creating a chapel devoted to The Virgin. It was quite a big deal with a procession lead by a priest and an official consecration of the chapel. The wing with the small second bedroom, dressing room and ¾ bath with a walk-in shower is where the chapel was.

On the outside of the building, facing the little dirt road of Calle Padre, is a window inset IMG_3162into the wall (it is a protrusion into the dressing room) which has a statue of The Virgin Mary with a dove hanging from a wire and containing various offerings. From time to time people still drop by to make offerings, I’m told.

It might be a bit more difficult to get to these days what with the large flowering plant in front of it.


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